Himalayan Honey Aligns Mind, Body and Spirit

Healing Honey From the Mountains of Nepal

High in the Himalayas, far from the centers of civilization, the people of Nepal have been using Himalayan Honey, or “mad honey” as it’s commonly called, as a potent medicine for thousands of years.

The bees that create this unique medicinal honey feed on vast fields of native rhododendron flowers. The nectar they bring back to their hives contains amazing, psychoactive compounds that give mad honey it’s potent therapeutic effects.

The raw honey can be eaten straight from the hive, and that’s how we package it. We never heat-treat or filter our products. Doing so can rob the honey of the properties you’re looking for. Instead, we test every batch to ensure consistent quality, safety, and potency.

Like any organic product, there are natural variations from hive to hive and year to year. Our testing allows us to mix honey from different batches to create a predictable dosage. You get the benefit of modern technology and the gentle touch of mother nature.

The Nepali prize their Himalayan Honey, using it to treat a host of conditions including hypertension, diabetes, stomach ailments, stress and anxiety, headaches and migraines, and general pain. Tests have demonstrated that the active ingredient in the honey may also possess antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-tumor properties.

Using Mad Honey to Treat Stress and Anxiety

This is one of the most common uses of Nepal’s medicinal honey. A spoonful or two creates a happy, euphoric sensation that melts away stress. In place of worry and doubt, users experience a natural uplift that promotes feelings of positivity and wonderment.

Most users report a profound sense of calm and clarity. Thoughts that might normally create negative patterns of behavior are interrupted. Instead of spiraling down the rabbit hole of fear and uneasiness, you’ll be better equipped to rise above.

Have some at breakfast, and enjoy a tranquil sense of contentment throughout your day. Interactions that might normally trigger anxiety are robbed of their power. You’ll find that normal stressors don’t press your buttons the same way.

If you prefer a topical treatment, our Himalayan Honey is equally effective. The honey’s active ingredient is absorbed through the skin. Plus you get the added benefit of massage. Touch has tremendous therapeutic value. Applying the honey to areas where you tend to hold tension, with gentle, circular pressure, helps to release muscle strain, promote relaxation, and ease general apprehension.

Combining both methods for occasional or continual relief of stress and anxiety has tremendous potential for improving the quality of your life.

Treating Sleep Disorders

Himalayan Honey’s ability to promote mental quietude is a boon to those suffering from occasional mild to moderate insomnia and other sleep disturbances.

Sleep deprivation contributes to a number of negative health consequences and can degrade our ability to operate at full capacity during our waking lives. Irritability, difficulty concentrating, daytime drowsiness, weight gain, depression, anxiety, headaches, and more are all symptoms of poor sleep.

Mad honey stills the mind. It stops the chatter and worry that keeps us up at night. Users report a pleasant warmth that spreads throughout the body, easing muscle tension and the desire to toss and turn. Its natural sedative properties promote sleep without leaving users groggy in the morning.

Treatment is simple. You can mix a bit of the raw honey into a caffeine-free nighttime tea before bedtime. Alternatively (or as an adjunct to the raw honey), you can massage our Himalayan Honey into your temples, under your eyes, and around your neck and shoulders.

The honey, the relaxing scent, and the gentle touch of application combine to create a tranquil opening where your mind stops working against you and becomes a partner in dropping you into a blissful night’s sleep.

Himalayan Honey Treats Headaches and General Pain Naturally

The active ingredient in Himalayan Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory. Whether ingested or applied topically, this natural product can be an effective treatment for occasional headaches and general body pain.

To treat headaches, either ingest the recommended amount of our raw honey, or apply our Himalayan Honey to your temples, forehead, and around the base of the neck. Concentrate your application where you most feel the pain.

In time, your pain will be replaced by an enjoyable, warm euphoria. A happy hum that wraps your mind and spirit up with a gentle hug from the inside. It’s an immensely comforting sensation that helps you forget your pain.

Ingested honey is great for body aches as well. And as a compliment, you can apply our honey to the affected area. Gently rub until it’s absorbed by your skin. Within minutes, your pain will subside.

Himalayan Honey has been trusted by the people of Nepal for millennia, and now their ancient wisdom can be yours.