Himalayan Honey Aligns Mind, Body and Spirit

Himalayan Mad Honey: Nature's Answer For Natural, Mild Pain Relief

Himalayan Honey from the mountains of Nepal, life can be hard on the body. Small villages scattered throughout the Himalayan mountains have supported themselves for thousands of years with hours of back-breaking farming and other physical labor. All you need to do is visit our collections page to get your hands on some Honey!

At the end of a long day, these devoted farmers and honey hunters relieve their aches and pains with a spoonful of Himalayan Honey, or “mad honey” as it’s colloquially called. This special, mind-expanding honey is collected by the villagers from giant beehives built into the side of cliffs. It soothes the pains of life, both physical and spiritual. But there are other natural pain relief methods available as well. 

Mad Honey Natural Headache Remedies

Headaches are one of the most common everyday pains people face. Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to help prevent and treat them.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Dehydration is a common cause of some types of headaches. Keeping yourself well hydrated can stop these headaches off before they become a problem. If you feel a headache coming on, drink plenty of fluids. The extra hydration can bring relief in as short as a half-hour.

Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile helps promote relaxation, which can help with stress headaches. It also contains compounds that offer subtle pain relief.

Get Your Eight Hours

When you don’t get enough sleep, you risk more frequent headaches. The good news is that you can reduce their frequency and severity by just getting a full night’s sleep. In a previous post, we discussed ways to get to sleep if you’re having trouble.

Use a Cold Compress

Applying a cold compress to the back of the head and neck can help constrict blood vessels, reducing throbbing headache pain. It also helps reduce associated inflammation.

Going the other direction, you can try a hot water foot bath. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the hot water causes your body to send more blood to your lower extremities, reducing cranial blood pressure.

Reduce Your Stress Level

Tension headaches can occur when you’re feeling stressed out. You can prevent and treat this type of headache by better dealing with the stressors in your life. There are a number of strategies available for reducing general anxiety.

Take Advantage of the Healing Properties of Himalayan Honey

Himalayan Honey helps with headaches, as well as general body aches and pain. To treat a headache you can either eat a small amount of the honey or massage our Himalayan Honey into your temples, across your forehead, or around the base of your neck.

The natural active ingredient is thought to reduce inflammation and cranial pressure, while simultaneously altering the way our minds perceive pain. The pain simply doesn’t bother you as much. In its place, you’re left with a warm, euphoric sense of wellbeing.

For general aches and pains, you can massage the honey into painful joints, tired muscles, and aching extremities. Use circular motions with gentle pressure. Let the honey absorb fully into your skin. Your pain will lessen, your mind will relax, and your outlook will shift to the positive