Himalayan Honey Aligns Mind, Body and Spirit

Nepal’s Treasured Secret Can Now Be Yours

From far off in the mists of time, a closely-guarded secret is finally making the long trek out of the high mountains of Nepal and into the hands of the world. Mad honey, a mind-expanding medicinal honey gathered by remote villagers formerly cut off from civilization has served them well since before recorded history.

The hearty souls that collect this honey follow a tradition that has been passed down for centuries. It’s dangerous for the uninitiated but deeply spiritual for those intrepid honey hunters that rely on their ancient pact with the guardian spirit of the bees to keep them safe.

Nepali honey bees are the largest in the world. They build massive hives that dot the sheer cliff walls of the Himalayas in clusters. To access the special honey they guard, villagers must descend from the cliff tops on bamboo ladders, braving the bees and the rocks below. It’s an arduous task, but one they consider deeply meaningful. The honey they return with is inextricably woven into the heart of their culture. Now you can buy the honey from the comfort of your own home!

Himalayan Honey is Medicinal Honey for the Masses

Used to treat headaches, anxiety, sleep disorders, and a number of other conditions, this wonderful honey creates a sense of peace and clarity— a sublime contentment that melts aways aches, pains, worry, and regret. Check out our review!

Mad honey contains a class of compounds called “grayanotoxins”. Prized in the ancient world by cultures as diverse as the Romans, the Greeks, and the Persians, mad honey has a long history as a natural medicine, euphoriant, and sleep aid.

“Grayanotoxin” contains the word “toxin” but don’t let the name worry you. Like everything in nature, the dosage is the key. And grayanotoxins, in the dosages found in Himalayan Honey, are deeply valuable. They are the key to a profound state of mind that transcends pain, fear, and sadness. It’s an experience not to be missed, and now it can be yours