Himalayan Honey Aligns Mind, Body and Spirit

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A Little Bit More About The Finest Mad Honey You Can Buy. 

Do you know where your mad honey comes from? We do.

It’s important to know your sources. At Himalayan Honey, we’ve established close relationships with some of Nepal's most prominent honey hunters. We’ve spent time with them in their homes, followed them on one of their harrowing hunts, and enjoyed the spoils of a hunt well made. We can tell you where your honey comes from and introduce you to the people that procured it.

We’ve established a fair, equitable trade with the local Gurung tribe that’s sustainable for them and the bees. We also provide resources to help in the fight against honey poachers. Finally, we carefully shepherd the honey through a meticulous process designed to sustain maximum freshness and potency straight to your door.

When your suppliers are your friends, you know you’re getting the best honey available. We pass that on to our customers to help spread the spirit of the bees to the corners of the globe!

Strict quality controls ensure a consistent, safe experience.

You may have heard of people having an unpleasant experience with mad honey. This can happen when you eat too much. It isn’t dangerous, but it isn’t necessarily fun, either. However, unpleasant experiences are easily avoided by knowing your dosage and only purchasing mad honey bottled under strict quality controls.

At Himalayan Honey, we test every batch for safety, efficacy, and potency. We ensure consistent strength across every jar we bottle. In other words, any given tablespoon of Himalayan Honey from any batch will feature the same potency as any other tablespoon of our honey. So start small to find your dose. Work up to an amount of Himalayan Honey you like, and then rest assured that you’ll have a similar experience every time afterwards… one of happiness, healing, and harmony.

We believe mad honey is for everyone!

When we say that Himalayan Honey is found “high up in the mountains of Nepal,” we aren’t joking. The species of rhododendron that produces the precious compounds found in mad honey thrive in vast fields nearly 10,000 feet above sea level. Until relatively recently, these peaks were only accessible to the heartiest few, leaving mad honey something of a mystery to the rest of the world.

But no longer! Through our efforts and others, Himalayan Honey’s now available to anyone that wants it. We’ve built our lives (and our business) around bringing this wonderful gift to the rest of the world because we believe it greatly benefits those who use it.

We all deserve clarity of mind, a crystalization of purpose, and the confidence of our convictions. We deserve to replace fear and anxiety with courage and self-assurance, sadness and detachment with joy and connection, pain and disappointment with comfort and purpose.

How is this all possible from a simple honey? Because Himalayan Honey is no simple honey. It’s arguably the most complex honey on the planet, and it lifts our mind, body, and spirit in unison.

We want to bring the gift of Himalayan Honey to everyone, starting with you!

You deserve all of the goodness folded into every jar of Himalayan Honey. Don't deny yourself any longer. Order your first jar today!